PTA Surprise is coming October 29

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PTA Surprise is coming October 29, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 418.

Math teacher, Steven, spends hours practicing what he will tell the parents at the next PTA meeting. Many parents are up in arms about some of the new advanced math classes. Principal Rand counts on Steven to sooth their ruffled feathers.

But when Steven puts his notes on the lectern, he is the one with ruffled feathers. There is a dad sitting in the front row. He has his legs splayed and his hand resting on a thick slab of meat filling out his basket.

Teacher Steven can barely concentrate on his speech. The dad keeps rubbing his basket, distracting the young teacher.

Somehow, Steven survives his speech, and when Principal Ran opens up the meeting for questions, Steven stays cool and collected enough to answer their concerns.

When the PTA meeting is over, teacher Steven escapes to the john to drain his bladder. But while he takes a relieving piss, a hand grips his shoulder. It’s the dad with the big one who was sitting in the front row.

“You know what my son says, Steven?” the dad says. “He says that one of his teachers is a cocksucker. After watching you tonight, I’m thinking that it’s you, Steven. Am I right? Are you a cocksucker?” the man says.

Read PTA Surprise in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 418, coming October 29, 2022, to find out if math teacher Steven is the cocksucker the dad’s son says he is. And why does the dad want to know that?

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