Michael Mitchell volume 4

Review pages of MM4

It’s always a pleasure to announce a Michael Mitchell collection. Michael Mitchell volume 4 contains the 80 illustrations Michael Mitchell made for us in the 2014 through 2016 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

The illustrations in this collection are from the following stories:

  • Pumping It Series
  • Two Dads, Two Sons
  • He’s a Bad Boy
  • Everything But …
  • Cavity Search
  • Park Show-off
  • Better Than a Hooker
  • Limo Ride
  • Limo Pickup
  • Becoming Strong
  • The Big Hole Ranch
  • A Better House Cleaner
  • That’s Watered
  • Stuck Going Down
  • Wet Sleepover
  • Good Dog, Bad Dog
  • Double Load
  • Beach Butt
  • Santa’s Super Soaker
  • New Year’s Kiss
  • Samson 1500SE
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Which Hole First?
  • The View
  • Are You Sorry Now?
  • Spooge Coach
  • Here, Sparky!
  • All Part of the Job
  • Butter Butt
  • Balanced Breakfast
  • Mail Boy
  • Going for All the Gold
  • No Decent Help
  • Papa John
  • Get It Clean for the Doc
  • International Waters
  • Dad’s Home Early
  • Fixing the Banister
  • Nasty Grandpa

Michael Mitchell’s art has delighted us at Handjobs for nearly two decades. Michael Mitchell volume 4 is no exception. He captures the essence of naughty boys and dirty old men. You can smell the sweat of the hot bodies he portrays, and you can feel in your hands the thick, bull cocks that he draws.

Admirers of his work have their favorites, and some of our favorites in this collection are the Pumping It (DBTN 2, 3, and 4), The Big Hole Ranch (DBTN 33), Double Load (DBTN 58), The View (DBTN 73), and International Waters (DBTN 106), though to be honest, which ones we like the best depends on what we want to do with our cocks at the time.

This collection is all art. In the collection, you’ll find in which story of which Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter the illustration was used. So if you’d like to get the story that accompanied the illustration, you’ll be able to find it the issue in our online store.