Coming February 13 – Dash Ramrod

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Coming February 13. Shinji is ecstatic when he discovers that the old man whose lawn he just mowed is Dash Ramrod’s father. Dash Ramrod is Shinji’s hero. Shinji has a life size photo of Dash Ramrod on his ceiling. All Dash wears in the photo is his yellow football practice shorts. Shinji beats off every day looking at the photo of the hot football player.

The old man tells Shinji that Dash Ramrod is coming home the next weekend. He invites Shinji to come for a visit. “I’m sure Dash would enjoy being your hero,” the old man tells Shinji.

Saturday, Shinji runs over to see his hero. The old man answers the door. “Dash is in the backyard, Shinji. Run around the house and you’ll see him,” Dash’s dad says.

Shinji is excited when he sees Dash wearing those yellow practice shorts. And Dash’s basket looks even bigger than in the photo. So what kind of hero is Dash? Read all the details in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 329, coming February 13, 2021.

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You’ll find other great stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 329. There’s a tale of a Marine teaching his Marine son, Canter, how to keep the spirits up of a team of fellow Marines. Canter is about to embark on a secret mission with a handful of Marines. And more.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 328

DBTN 328 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 328, released February 6, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during February 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • You Gettin’ Any? • Nate lies to his dad. Dad’s always strutting around, and asking, “You getting any?” So Nate says, “Yeah,” even though the only thing Nate is getting is his right hand. But when Dad discovers the truth, he makes sure his son is getting some.
  • Chip Busts Me • Dad finally has the house to himself. His wife doesn’t approve of him using his hand to make himself happy. So with her gone for the week, he has the chance to make himself very happy. However, he’s not counting on his son to come home early.
  • Little Lion by Madakou • continued from DBTN 323. Hidden underneath the Lion Dance costume, Coach Jake has full access to Yat-sen’s pink hole. They don’t stop when the sifu walks in on them. But the sifu has no idea Coach is plugging Yat-sen’s hole when he finds Yat-sen practicing the Lion Dance late at night.
  • Tommy’s Dad Knows What to Do • Scudder envies Tommy, his best friend. Tommy has two homes. He lives with his mother one week, and then his dad then next. Which means, Scudder knows when he can visit Tommy’s dad without his best friend catching them. So why does Scudder want to be alone with Tommy’s dad? Read DBTN 328 to find out.
  • Coxville State Sperm Patrol • The state troopers in Coxville have have an epidemic of overloaded young testicles. So they’ve written a supplemental manual on how to defuse a young man whose packed testicles are driving him over the edge. As a result, Trooper Jun knows what to do when he clocks his nephew going 150 mph in his roadster.

Artists in DBTN 328

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 328 is by Shigeru, Steve-Adams, Madakou, and Lord Iron.

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Coming February 6 – Coxville State Sperm Patrol

Coming February 6

Coming February 6. The uppity-ups in Sacramento have no idea what state troopers in an off-the-radar place like Coxville deal with. Which is why the state troopers in Coxville have had to write their own supplemental Trooper Manual for little ol’ Coxville.

There is an epidemic of overloaded young testicles in Coxville. So the troopers go into detail in their manual on how to defuse young men whose packed testicles drive them over the edge.

Trooper Dan finds that a little electrical jolt applied just under the nuts drains them in a jiff. When he defused that Jeeter kid a few weeks ago, the lad’s sperm flew thirty feet. That sure calmed down Jeeter. His dad was there watching. He sure thanked Dan for handling his errant boy.

So what is Trooper Jun supposed to do with his nephew, Kozke, when he catches him speeding? He was going 150 miles per hour in his souped-up roadster!

It will all be revealed in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 328, coming February 6, 2021.

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We also have the conclusion to Madakou’s “Little Lion” and how Chip catches his dad doing something he shouldn’t be doing in the living room in the middle of the afternoon.