Naked Yoga with Coach Bart is coming February 11

Naked Yoga with Coach Bart

Naked Yoga with Coach Bart is coming February 11, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 433.

Chester never considered doing Yoga. His mind is elsewhere. His grades are slipping. His parents frustrated to see nothing but As on his last report. What happened to the A+ grades their son always gets?

So what is distracting Chester? Coach Bart, the rugby coach. From his home room seat by the window, Chester can see the rugby pitch. And for much of the day, Coach Bart struts around, in shorts so small, he has to slide his finger along the hem of his short legs to keep his equipment in place.

Coach’s constant crotch adjustments disrupt Chester’s concentration.

But when Coach Bart announces during assembly that he is starting a Yoga glass, there isn’t a soft cock or dry pussy in the whole auditorium.

“I can only take twenty students, so first come first served. You can sign up …” As soon as Chester hears how to sign up, his thumbs are all over his phone. In fact, he moves his thumbs so fast that he snags the first spot on Coach Bart’s new Yoga class.

So many other students take out their phones to sign up that Principal Don yells, “Put your fucking phones away!”

You can’t expect Coach Bart to teach a high school yoga class in the nude. So how does Chester get to practice naked yoga with Coach Bart?

Read Naked Yoga with Coach Bart in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 433, coming February 11, 2023, to find out.

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Marine Son Comes Home

Marine Son Comes Home, page 33 of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 15.

In Marine Son Comes Home in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 15, Dad is ecstatic. His son, Chris, is home after joining the Marines three years ago.

Dad’s eyes fill with tears when he sees Chris walk out the airport terminal. He is so choked up he cab hardly speak. So he lets his son drive the two home. And Chris takes his time, driving through familiar neighborhoods.

Dad can’t believe how much his boy had grown up in three years. He was a fine man when he left for the Marines. But he’s matured even more.

Looking at his strong body while they drive home, blood flows into channels where Dad hasn’t felt it in years. More than once Dad has to resist the urge to grope his own crotch. However, a dad shouldn’t react to his son in this way. It isn’t normal … or is it?

Marine Son Comes Home, page 33 of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 15.

When they get home, Chris conks out on his bed. After the long flight from Okinawa, jet leg kicks in and he needs to sleep. So Dad goes for a short job.

After showering when he gets home, Dad checks on his son. The boy is stirring. And he wants Dad to work on his back. It’s sore after the long flight home.

Dad worked on his son’s muscles a lot during high school. Chris would come home beat from a football game. And Dad would work out all the kinks. Now as he kneads his son bare back, Dad sees that his son has a big kink he needs to work on.

Enjoy this tender story about between a Dad and his Marine son. And the many other stories in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Vol 15.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 432

DBTN 432 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 432, released February 4, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in February 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • See Spot Suck • Inventive programmers, Bruce and Hank, program Spot, the robotic dog their boss buys to automate inspections. They don’t want Spot to disrupt the regular blowjobs they give the high school runners. Coach Morehand runs the boys through the green belts that wind through the facility where Bruce and Hank work. But can Bruce and Hank program Spot to suck dick?
  • Father Petrus Understands • Zach visits Father Petrus every Wednesday. Zach isn’t Catholic, but Father Petrus is the only man he knows whom he can tell all his secrets and keep them safe. And Father Petrus is so understanding. However, Father Petrus is far more understanding than Zach can possibly fathom.
  • This Is So Wrong! • Night guard at the fabric factory, Rafael is stunned to discover his boss fucking his son in the middle of the night in the warehouse. This is so wrong! Rafael thinks. But is it? How can he explain his painful erection as he watches?
  • Whiteout • This is Dan’s first winter in Moose Dik. All his co-workers rush home when a surprise blizzard sneaks up. But he takes his time. Mesmerized by the whiteout, he takes too long getting home. Fortunately, his neighbors rush over to treat his dick when it gets frost nipped.
  • Dad, Is There a Y in Smithers? • Neither Castle nor his son, Pascal, are much for speaking. So Pascal has lots of questions about his growing dick that need answering. But on a trip to visit Uncle Morris, a trip to the Y with its naked swimming and men eager to explain how a man’s body works, answer all of Pascal’s questions.

Artists in DBTN 432

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 432 is by Rolando Mérida and Narov.

Barny the Hobo Boy

Barny the Hobo Boy from Handjobs Anthology 19 page 87

Barny the Hobo Boy by Valentine, in Handjobs Anthology 19. In the 1930s, Barny makes a lot of friends riding the rails.

After sucking a friend’s cock, his friend tells Barny to go to the Futurama Motor Court, Room 7. “No need to knock, Barny. They’re expecting you,” they tell Barny.

Still, Barny is suspicious. He cautiously opens the door to room 7. Pokes his head inside. And says, “H-hello?”

Powerful naked arms pull Barny into the dark room.

Barny the Hobo Boy in Handjobs Anthology 19 page 88

It’s Uncle Hank! He’s spread out naked on the bed and waving his big, fat cock.

“Got a kiss fo‘ you‘ favorite family member?” Uncle Hank says.

Barny the Hobo Boy is elated. Sure he wants to kiss Uncle Hank’s fat one. And Uncle Hank wants to check how big Barny’s thing grows too.

Barry the Hobo Boy from Handjobs Anthology 19 page 89.

Uncle Hank is just as interested in his nephew’s sweet, tangy butt hole as he is the boy’s cock. And after eating his lovely butt, Uncle Hank knows Barny’s hole will give his big, fat cock the perfect squeeze.

Enjoy this great story about Barny the Hobo Boy and Uncle Hank. And the many other stories in Handjobs Anthology 19.

And for those of you with addresses in the USA, you can get Handjobs Anthology 19 in print here: Printed Handjobs Anthology 19

This Is So Wrong! is coming February 4

Rafael discovers his boss with his son in This Is So Wrong!

This Is So Wrong! is coming February 4, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 432.

Rafael has the most boring job in the world. He is the night guard at a fabrics factory. He is so bored that he’s learned how to tell the thread count of fabrics just by touching them with his eyes closed.

The fabric factory is a small family business. According to the boss, his eleventh great grandmother, Helena started it. Each time he tells the legend, he passionately counts the generations on his fingers.

Centuries ago, she and the prince were madly in love. They made passionate love after midnight in the hayloft in the barn which was located right where the factory is today. Only back then, impenetrable woods surrounded the place. And the two young lovers made love listening to owls hoot and wolves howl.

But the prince had to abandon her. She wasn’t royalty so he could not marry her. As a parting gift he gave her a loom. And she weaved the most beautiful fabrics out of her undying love for him. And so the family business started.

However, one night when Rafael steps out from a row of fabrics, the sight of his boss fucking a boy stuns him. And when he realizes that the boy is his son, Andar, Rafael comes unglued. He is mad as hell. And yet at the same time he is as horny as hell too!

So what happens? Does Rafael thrash his boss? Or does his boss convince Rafael that he is only doing what his son wants?

Read This Is So Wrong! in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 432, coming February 4, 2023, to find out.

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