Coming April 23 – Attention to Detail

Coming April 23, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 391, Attention to Detail.

Stan warns his brother, Matt, that his nephew, Cory, can be nit picky. “His attention to detail makes me pull my hair out,” Stan says.

“Well, it’s that attention to detail that got him accepted at all those universities,” Matt says.

You see, Cory is going to spend a week with Uncle Matt to visit universities that accepted him. Cory wants to check out the campuses in person before deciding which university to attend.

Matt is glad to help his nephew. It’s been years since he last saw him. So what is he like now? Matt is curious to find out.

But after picking Cory up from the airport, taking him home, and walking with him through one of the campuses, Matt has a hard time reading his nephew. Does Cory have a girlfriend? A boyfriend? Or is he celibate? Does he even jack off? He is attractive, but who would approach him? It’s hard to draw a smile out of him. If someone smiles at him will he smile back at them? Or will he ignore them?

However, Cory warms up after taking a long shower at his uncle’s apartment. The massage feature on the shower loosens him up enough to pop a personal question.

“So … uh, how many guys have you slept with, Uncle Matt?” Cory asks.

So, can Uncle Matt answer the question truthfully? That he’s been with so many guys that he can’t beging to count them?

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