Coming May 14 – Fuckable Butt

Coming May 14, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 394, Fuckable Butt.

Martin settles into his new job in no time. His likes his new boss, Clinton. He doesn’t throw tantrums like his last boss. But he is hard to read. He’s strong as an ox. Has a steely face. Massive shoulders. And underneath his shirt Martin sees abs and bulging pecs he could grip to climb up his shoulder.

Besides a great boss, there is an adorable guy in the mailroom, Gary, who smiles at Martin when he delivers the mail. Gary is so cute Martin mails himself envelopes just so the cute guy will stop by his desk. He is shy and gives Martin the sweetest smile when Martin says, “Thanks, Gary.”

But Martin talks about Gary with co-worker, Hank, while the two are pissing in the john. “And that little butt of his, man, talk about a fuckable butt! Some days it takes all my willower to keep from pulling his pants down and setting him in my lap.” Martin says.

Hank chuckles.

One of the johns in the stalls flushes. Out comes the boss, Clinton. He washes his hands at the sink, looks at Martin and Hank, nods, and leaves the john.

“Fuck,” Hanks says. “That mailroom boy you just said was fuckable. Well, he’s Clinton’s son.”

Martin’s heart falls into his stomach. His boss just heard Martin say the boss’s son has a fuckable butt!

So, how much longer can Martin keep his job? And what happens when his boss invites Martin over for a barbecue?

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