Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 281

Review pages of DBTN 281

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 281, released March 14, 2020. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during March 2020. Stories in this issue are:

  • Calculus Is Hard • Uncle Jules comes to the rescue when his brother, Roger, tells him that his nephew, Cory, is struggling with Calculus. Roger is glad that his brother wants to help his son with his Calculus. But when it gets very quiet in Cory’s bedroom, Roger wonders if his brother and son are still studying calculus.
  • Quarantined • Brent knows that Grandpa Winston has treasures in his basement, all kinds of artifacts from decades of researching male bonding in cultures all over the world. But Grandpa keeps them under lock and key, in his basement museum. So how is Brent ever going to find his way into Grandpa’s basement? And just what is Grandpa hiding down there? Why is the door to the basement always locked? The answers are in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 281.
  • There Will Be Consequences • Runaway Bill sleeps in too late up in the hayloft of a farmer’s barn. Oh, man, there are serious consequences to not getting up on time. First his dad shows up looking for him. Luckily for Bill, the farmer has no idea he is hiding in the hayloft. Or does the farmer know?
  • Pork Sandwich • Sean loves the hot desert son. It’s a lot nicer than the cool, drizzly Nanaimo weather he’s used to. But Grandpas Dirk and Rudolph dream of a steamy pork sandwich eyeing Sean.
  • He’s Cute When He Lies • Two dads grin when they discuss how their sons try and lie. However, Mark gets a buzz when Harvey tells him how he knows his son is lying.


Art in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 281 is by Michael Mitchell and Shigeru.

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