Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 378

DBTN 378 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 378, released January 22, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in January 2022 include this issue..

Stories in this issue are:

  • To Catch a Spy • Saburo is in hot pursuit of an industrial espionage agent. He put a tracker in the man’s suit pocket. But when he follows him, the spy ends up heading right towards his house.
  • You Need More Than a Smile • The officer wonders if he had cause to arrest a man he saw smiling at a boy in a restroom. But when he discusses it with his adviser, the adviser says, “But if they didn’t touch each other, if they didn’t masturbate, you didn’t have cause.” However, after seeing that interaction, the officer gets ideas of his own when he goes out drinking with his doctor. Dr. Kane tells him, “You sure do have a healthy boy. He came in for a physical a few weeks ago. You must be proud. Talk about an erection. It’s been years since my wood has been that hard.” The officer had no idea his son had such stirring erections.
  • Tell Me All About It • Coach can tell when one of his boys has had a great orgasm. And the joy on Lui’s face tells Coach that something wonderful happened to Lui. Boys whose Dad’s jack them off glow that way. But Lui? His dad is a no nonsense officer. Coach can’t imagine him jacking off his son. Or does he?
  • The Gazelle • He’s so fast, everyone calls him the Gazelle. The reason he likes running so much is that when he runs naked, he can make himself cum just by slapping his cockhead against his thighs. But when he is chosen to run to deliver a message for the King, he has to wear a royal loin cloth. His dick can’t slap his thighs at all. But the royal guards who man the stations along the perilous route know how to nourish him.
  • Making up for Lost Time • Ron is back in his home town. He’s surveying the old mall which closed years ago to make a demolition plan. But he discovers secrets about his father in a john behind the receiving docks of the old Sears store. His dad used to take him to the mall. And while Ron ran around having fun with his friends, he thought his dad was shopping. But Ron finds evidence that his dad was spending hours in that dark, dingy john instead.

Artists in DBTN 378

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 378 is by Shigeru and Narov.