Want to Be a Doctor, Donnie?

Want to Be a Doctor, Donnie?

Want to Be a Doctor, Donnie arrives January 29, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 379.

Donnie envies Dr. Max Wadmore because the doctor gets to feel dicks and balls all day long. Donnie knows that Dr. Max gets to feel Jake, the quarterback’s dick and balls. Jake is out of Donnie’s league. Donnie doesn’t even know what Jake looks like naked.

Donnie wants to be Jake’s valet so he can undress him. He thinks about helping Jake prep for his dates. Suck out Jake’s first load of cum. Donnie thinks the first load is the potent one, the one with all the baby-making sperm. The following loads just have straggling sperm. So Donnie wants to help Jake out by extracting those potent first loads so Jake can fuck without worrying about making babies.

But most of all, Donnie wants to become a doctor so he can examine dicks and balls all day long. The way Dr. Max Wadmore does.

Unlike other doctors, Dr. Max Wadmore makes his patients be naked through the whole examine. Dr. Max explains it all to Donnie. “There’s a reason for that, Donnie. A guy’s erection tells a lot about his health. A good, rigid boner is a better predictor of a guy’s future health than smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes,” Dr. Max says.

So imagine how happy Donnie is when Dr. Max hands the boy his white coat so he examine Dr. Max Wadmore and practice being a doctor.

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