Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 369


Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 369 – The November 20, 2021, issue of DBTN. Five stories with art by Michael Mitchell, Dick Wad, Steve Adam, and Shigeru.


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Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 369, released November 20 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during November 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Following the Wolves • Young scientist, Scott, can’t turn back now. The bush plane flies off, leaving him all alone. But high up on a ledge, ol’ Gunner watches him, observing the young man to see what kind of client he’ll be. Gunner will be leading young Scott through the wilderness so he can follow the wolves.
  • Room for Growth • Dad shakes his head when Beau comes out of the dressing room wearing jeans so tight they leave no room for growth. “You’ve got to leave room for growth in a pair of jeans,” Dad says. And he stuffs his hand inside his son’s tight jeans. ”Get these jeans and every time you get a boner, you’ll wish they had room for growth.”
  • Tree House Snack • Deck is upset. His parents make him stay with Grandpa Wilder when they go on vacation. Grandpa Wilder lives hours out in the bush, far from Perth. But Deck gets excited when he discovers that Grandpa Wilder’s house is a glorified tree house. And Deck goes naked when Grandpa Wilder tells him that out in the bush he doesn’t wear clothes. And Grandpa Wilder can’t resist snacking on Deck’s tasty butt when they climb up into the tree house.
  • Father’s Nourishing Man Milk • “Xavier, if you’re not happy with enough, you will never be happy with more,” Xavier’s father said to him. But Xavier craved adventure. However a year after joining a flotilla of majestic carracks, Xavier is marooned on an uninhabited island in the tropics. If he only he had his father’s nourishing man milk.
  • Camera Z • Raife and his tenant, Danford, enjoy jacking off together while watching Danford’s son, Tommy, beat off. But when Danford sneaks a hidden camera into Tommy’s bedroom, the two guys discover that Tommy is getting it on with a coach.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 369 is by Michael Mitchell, Dick Wad, Shigeru, and Steve Adams.

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