Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 379

DBTN 379 Cover

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 379, released January 29, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in January 2022 include this issue..

Stories in this issue are:

  • All a Dad Could Want • All Dad wants for his son, Jamie, is for him to be happy. So when fate brings Jamie home while Dad’s friend, Clark is visiting, Dad tells Clark, “Just so you know, Clark, if something happens between you and Jamie while you’re here, it won’t bother me none.” What? Is Dad telling Clark that it’s OK to fuck his son?
  • Want to Be a Doctor, Donnie? • Donnie knows that underneath his white doctor’s cloak that Dr. Max Wadmore is hiding a body to die for. Donnie enjoys stripping naked for his physical exams. Dr. Wadmore likes to see his patients naked throughout the whole exam. By observing how often their dicks get hard, he can gauge the health of their hearts. And when Donnie tells the doctor he wants to be a doctor too, Dr. Max Wadmore hands the boy his white doctor’s cloak so he can practice examining a naked man.
  • God Wears Size 20 Shoes • Josef steals a pair of size 20 shoes from the shelter where he volunteers. He is sure that a man who wears such large shoes must have a large cock too. And when he discovers that the shoes belong to a priest in a nearby parish, Josef has a lot of confessing to do.
  • Being Lucky • Johnny doesn’t consider himself lucky. There is no peace and quiet at home. So he finds refuge in the quiet basement of the town library. He finds luck there too when a friendly stranger entices him into the restroom.
  • The Real Thing • Brad’s fuck buddy, Hanson, comes over to play. But before they get started they discover that Brad’s younger brother, Todd, is in need of the real thing. In both holes.

Artists in DBTN 379

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 379 is by Shigeru, Michael Mitchell, and Narov.