Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 433

DBTN 433 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 433, released February 11, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in February 2023 include this issue.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Naked Yoga with Coach Bart • Chester can’t concentrate in school. From his window seat in class, he can see the rugby coach, Bart, strut his wares on the rugby pitch. Coach Bart openly adjusts his crotch to keep his tool from falling out. So when Coach Bart announces a yoga class he will teach, Chester is first to apply.
  • Confronting Father Petrus • continued from Father Petrus Understands in DBTN 432, Dad is sure his son, Zach, is gay. So to understand him better, Dad hooks up with hot guy, Chris, to show him what gay sex is like. But Dad discovers that Chris is actually a catholic priest, Father Petrus. And while Father Petrus was fucking his butt, the priest let Zach jack him off. Dad is furious. So he confronts Father Petrus only to find his son with the priest in his office!
  • Fun Loving Dads • Kyle’s dad Lance, and Sean’s dad Ross, meet when they each take their son to college. When the four go out to eat, the boys joke that their dads are having their first date. But that is just the start.
  • Where the Raccoons Live • Dad frets about the raccoons which keep rummaging through the garbage bin. So son David sets out trail cameras in the park behind their house to discover where the raccoons come from. But he doesn’t discover where the raccoons come from. He discovers where his dad goes late at night. Into the park to get it on with other guys.
  • An Excellent Piece of Ass • Brant travels to his old home town to see his father’s house. His father died some time ago and it is time to let go of the place. But he runs into Troy, the kind mechanic who saved his father many times by fixing his junker for free. Only when Troy and Brant talk about the old times, Brant learns that his father had an excellent piece of ass. So how about Brant? Does he have an excellent piece of ass too?

Artists in DBTN 433

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 433 is by Shigeru, dv dickie, and Narov.