Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 469

DBTN 469 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 469, released October 21, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in October 2023 include this issue.

  • Ejaculation Force • When Gerald overhears one of Dad’s scientist buddies, Dr. Brad, discuss the importance of ejaculation force, and how he measures it, Gerald starts sketching a device to do just that. Dr. Brad happens to see Gerald’s sketch. And he lets Gerald in on a secret. That a mouth is an excellent device to measure ejaculation force.
  • A Cock Like King Arzeki’s • The King looks all over the kingdom for a a man who has a cock like King Arzeki’s. You see, he promised Arzeki that he could wed his son someday. The day is near, so he has to find someone who can train his son how to handle a cock like that of King Arzeki’s.
  • Grinding With My Son • Dad doesn’t use Grindr that often. Just once in a while. When his urges become too strong to ignore. But he doesn’t expect his son to respond to his profile which describes him as A Dad Who Likes to Fuck, and a Virgin Popper.
  • Sugar Pie Pumpkins • Sandy tells Uncle Vic that Grandpa is hiding sugar pie pumpkins he’s carved. Uncle Vic knows why. Grandpa is going to an erotic Halloween party. He’s carved guys sucking and fucking into those pumpkins. So when Sandy hears of Grandpa’s party plans, he decides to crash the party. But can his butthole survive?
  • Fix Your Hole • Years ago, Frank, the neighbor, helps Decker fix a flat on his bicycle. Decker is eternally grateful. He is practicing to become the youngest person ever to win the Tour de France. Time passes. Decker’s Tour de France dreams fade away. He’s more interested in playing with dick.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 469 is by Shigeru and Narov.