Dad’s Hammock

Dads Bedtime Tales vol 22 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 22 contains the last collection of the Dad’s Bedtime Tales stories we published on our old website back in 2014. And among them is Dad’s Hammock.

Ever since Benjy’s Dad bought the hammock, Dad spends all his free time hanging out in it. He likes to grab a few beers and relax in his hammock.

Benjy doesn’t use the hammock. He thinks since Dad bought it, he should use it.

But one day Benjy notices that his neighbor, Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants, watches Dad relax in the Hammock. He can see their backyard from his upstairs bedroom.

Benjy’s had the hots for Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants a long time. So when he is alone one weekend, he uses the hammock late at night.

And when he sees Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants appear in his bedroom window with just a towel around his waist, Benjy goes for it. He pushes his hand into his pants.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 22 page 105

And since it is so dark and the only one who can see him is Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants, he pulls his dick and balls out too.

Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants once told Benjy, “Anyway, if you need anything, Benjy, just let me know.” Can’t Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants see what Benjy wants? What with him swinging in the hammock and stroking his dick while Mr. Snake-In-His-Pants looks at him from his bedroom window?

So does Benjy get what he wants? Get Dad’s Bedtime Tales vol 22 and find out!