I’d Suck That is coming November 5

I'd Suck That

I’d Suck That is coming November 5, 2022, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 419.

Dustin isn’t happy that Dad shows up at places like Blister Pizza where he and his friends go. Doesn’t Dad realize he is too old to go to Blister Pizza? And the trouble is that Dad doesn’t like to wear underwear so his big thing shows.

Dustin’s buddies kid him about his dad’s big one. “Ever see it hard, Dustin?” “Are those nuts as big as they look?” “How often does he show it to you? Does he let you touch it?”

They are relentless. And it’s all because Dustin’s dad thinks he can pal around with Dustin and his friends. “Go play golf, Dad!” Dustin wants to scream when his dad shows up.

One day while Dustin and his best friend, Fred, are browsing comics at Heroes, they see a guy’s full basket between the shelves and boxes of comics.

Dustin grins at his friend and says, ”I’d suck that.”

“Me too,” Fred said.

But when Dustin gets home and sees his dad, he realizes that he’s the guy he and his buddy saw at Heroes!

So did Dad hear his son say, “I’d suck that”? And if so, what will Dad do?

Read I’d Suck That in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 419, coming November 5, 2022, to find out if Dad heard Dust say, “I’d suck that.” And find out what, if anything, Dad does about it.

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