You’re Not Getting Any, Are You? is Coming March 9

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You’re Not Getting Any? is coming March 9 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 489.

Frank has to man his company’s booth at the trade show all by himself. Fortunately, Dale who is running the booth next to his has a full staff and can lend Frank a helping hand. He mans the booth when Frank has to step away. And does it well. Dale’s run booths at trade shows for decades. He knows what to do.

At the end of the trade show, Frank thanks Dale by taking him out to dinner. They find a private booth in a steak house and have a good time.

But Dale can tell from Frank’s demeanor that there is trouble at home. So he bluntly asks Frank, “You’re not getting any, are you?”

Frank mumbles around, not knowing how to respond to such a personal question. “What makes you think that?” he says.

“You’re not relaxed the way a guy who is getting it regularly is,” Dale says. “But I understand. I was in the same boat, not getting enough, well, actually hardly getting any.”

“So what did you do? I seldom meet a man more relaxed as you,” Frank says.

So how did Dale solve the problem of not getting any? Will he show Frank the solution?

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