Scheduling Conflict is Coming September 23

Scheduling conflict illustration

Scheduling Conflict is coming June 23 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 465.

“Dad, can you go with me to the Halloween party?” Calix asks his dad.

Busy Dad, an Audit Executive, likes to be precise. So he asks his son, “When is it?”

Calix rolls his eyes. “On October 31st, Dad! When else?!” he moans.

Dad checks his calendar. “So I come back from Zurich on October 5. I have to be in Montreal October 18 through 21. Shit. I have to leave for Tokyo on October 26 and won’t be home until November 5. Sorry to disappoint you, son, but I’ll be away on October 31. If I could I’d reschedule the Tokyo trip, but we’re auditing a branch of one of our largest clients and that trip is cast in concrete,” Dad says.

But when Calix tells Dad that he and Uncle Hank are going to the Halloween Party dressed as Batman and Robin, Dad knows he can not allow that. His super hung brother Hank always lorded his endowment over him. Scheduling conflict or not, Dad can’t let his son go with his hung uncle in tights, showing off his big endowment, to a party!

So how can Dad stop his son from going with his hung uncle to that party? Especially since he is going to be in Tokyo? The answer is in DBTN 465 coming this Saturday.

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