Son, It’s Not a Competition is coming April 1

Son, It's Not a Competition art

Son, It’s Not a Competition is coming April 1, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 440.

Spencer only joined the Korfball team because of Coach Axo. During assembly one day, Coach Axo raved about the sport. He wore gym shorts at the time and Spencer about creamed his jeans watching Coach Axo’s equipment bounce about as he waved his arms going on about Korfball.

Spencer thought the whole school would show up to play Korfball. Fortunately not.

Spencer’s dad wondered what was up when Spencer took off Saturday to practice Korfball. Spencer didn’t care much for sports. So why was he using valuable weekend time to go to school? His dad couldn’t make sense of it.

But when Dad showed up at practice later and saw Coach Axo, he knew why his son went to practice. What horny teenage boy wouldn’t want to practice whatever sport Coach Axo coached?

However, when Dad invites Coach Axo over for dinner, Spencer gets jealous. Spencer considers Coach Axo to be his. He’s furious that Dad wants his Coach too.

But Dad tells Spencer, “Son, it’s not a competition. He’s smoking hot. Of course you like him. But there’s plenty of Axo for us to share, don’t you think?”

So is there plenty of Coach Axo for both dad and son to share? Read Son, It’s Not a Competition in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 440, coming April 1, 2023, to find out.

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