Stuffing Big Ed

Handjobs Anthology 53 review pages

You’ll find the last stories of Handjobs Magazine in Handjobs Anthology volume 53, including Stuffing Big Ed. Stories from our June 2014 through October 2014 Handjobs Magazine issues, the final issues of Handjobs Magazine, are in this book.

Readers ask us, “Which is the best Handjobs Anthology?” It’s like asking a parent, which is your favorite child? It’s an impossible question to answer. Read them all and decide for yourself which Handjobs Anthology is best.

In Stuffing Big Ed, Aiden rejoices when he gets an acceptance letter from Stanford. His parents are thrilled too!

But how can he and his parents afford it? Aiden adds up the cost of four years of Stanford. How can he possibly pay for it?

Big Ed at Big Ed’s Grocery sees something is bothering Aiden when the lad shows up for work. He asks Aiden, “Hey, what’s up?”

Aiden tells Big Ed, “Oh, nothing.”

But Big Ed replies, “It’s not nothing if it’s making you look like a lost puppy.”

Stuffing Big Ed illustrations from Handobs Anthology 53 - page 31.

So can Big Ed make Aiden feel better? Does Aiden take Big Ed up on his offer when the man says, “Let Big Ed make you feel better.”? You bet he does.

You’ll enjoy reading Stuffing Big Ed in Handjobs Anthology volume 53, and the many other stories in this, possibly your favorite, Handjobs Anthology.