The Touch

The Touch arrives November 6, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 367.

Dad is oblivious to what his son, Ryan, wants and needs. He can’t connect with Ryan the way he connects with his older two sons. They have great times watching football together. And when their team scores a touchdown, it draws the three of them so close together.

Dad wants to have a deeper connection with Ryan. Especially now that the older sons are long gone and off doing their own things. But they don’t have anything in common. They live in different worlds. Sometimes Dad thinks he’s making a connection with Ryan, but Ryan will say something that throws Dad for a loop. What in the world is he thinking? Dad wonders.

Ryan gets frustrated dealing with his dad. “Forget about him, Ryan. He’s just a straight dude. He’ll never understand you. It’s not in their DNA. Straight men only understand pussy. It fills 99% of their brain cells. Other guys are just competition,” Lucy, Ryan’s best friend tells him.

Maybe she is right. Maybe it’s not possible for Ryan and his dad to develop a meaningful bond,

But when Dad walks into the bathroom to take a shower, Ryan is there, in his white briefs, filling the tub.

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