Truthy’s Good Advice is Coming March 16

Truthy’s Good Advice illustration

Truthy’s Good Advice is coming March 16 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 490.

Truthy sees his friend, Scratch, deep in thought at the bar counter. So he asks, “Troubles at home? Problems at work? What’s going on, Scratch?”

“It’s a hard thing to explain,” Scratch tells Truthy.

“Try me,” Truthy says. “I swear there isn’t anything I haven’t heard before.”

But Scratch isn’ so sure. It’s a personal problem. Involving cocks. His son’s cock to be specific. Scratch was looking forward to showing his son, Dimple, what it is a man does to make a woman happy. Scratch’s father had a great time showing his son how women enjoy being touched. They two must have played with at least twenty women together so his father could give Scratch a thorough and proper education on the art of making love.

However, Scratch realizes those are lessons his son does not want. Not in the least. Dimple wants to learn how to make another man happy. He has no interest in making women happy.

So can Truthy give Scratch good advice? And will Scratch take Truthy’s advice? And if Scratch can’t teach his son the art of making love to a woman, what can he teach his son?

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