You Know What This Means?

You Know What This Means? arrives December 18, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 373.

Thack can’t stay for Christmas, but he can pay a visit to his brother, Briar. At least he can put presents for Briar and his nephew, Ellis, under their Christmas tree.

“So where is Ellis and how big is he now?” Thack asks his brother. It’s be a while since he’s seen his nephew.

“You won’t believe it but your nephew is this tall,” Briar says, holding his hand an inch above Thack’s head.

“No way,” Thack says.

“Yup, he’s all grown up,” Briar says. He warns his brother that his nephew is big everywhere. That there is a lot of flopping down there when Ellis goes around the house in his loose shorts.

When Thack gives his brother a friendly grope, Briar tells him, “I bet he has you beat, Thack.”

“Do you know this for a fact, bro?” Thack says, raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I haven’t actually measured it, but there is a lot flopping down there when he goes around the house in his loose shorts,” Briar says, rubbing his chin.

Briar takes his brother to see Ellis’s bedroom to show him what he discovered recently. A box of dildos of all sizes. So is Ellis actually using them? Even the really big one?

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