You, Me, the Blade, and the Ice

You, Me, the Blade, and the Ice by Madakou arrives January 8 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 376.

It’s the last practice before The Nationals. Filip is nervous. He misses jumps he did easily a few days ago. Coach is concerned. Filip is his golden boy. His best skater. His best boy on the ice.

What is wrong with me? Filip wonders. Is it nerves? Is it something else? He doubts himself. Maybe he isn’t ready for the competition.

“I know how to calm you down and prepare you for the competition,” Coach says.

So when Coach invites Filip to his place for a one-on-one practice, Filip jumps at the chance. He can’t let such an opportunity slip by. A training session all alone with his fabulous coach, the man he adores and secretly loves.

However when he walks into Coach’s private rink, Filip is stunned. Coach is there on the ice wearing nothing but his skates! His big man tool dangles between his legs. All Filip can do is stare at his Coach on the ice.

Coach smirks and says, “Well..? Are we going to practice or are you Going to just stare at me all night…? Lose the clothes and join me, Filip.”

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