Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 364

DBTN 364 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 364, released October 16, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • We All Needed This • Andy drops everything when he gets a text from Ralph, his big, hairy cousin. “Andy, you won’t believe the load in my butt,” reads the text. You’d go running too if you got a similar text.
  • My Dad Likes Your Dad • When Virgil asks him, “Jordan, want to be my shaving buddy?” Jordan falls hard for Virgil. Of course Jordan wants to help Virgil shave for the swim team. You’d want to help Virgil shave too. But the swim mates can’t believe it when they realize that their dads have fallen for each other too.
  • Camera X • Raife agrees with his new tenant, Danford when he asks, “So, uh, I was wondering if you would mind me putting up a security camera on our front porch?” Raife finds Danford and his son intriguing. Raife will let them do anything. But, Raife is surprised when Danford gives him access to the security camera, and the other ones the dad has placed in his house. He knows he shouldn’t, but he gets hooked on spying what is going on in his rental unit. What does he see? Read DBTN 364 to find out.
  • FingerTouch 7 • General Matts assigns a new project to Space Lab researchers Falco and Merris. They did a bang up job on the special, semen extracting underwear for space cadets. So General Matts knows the researchers will succeed with the new project. What is it? Is it Masturbator 2.0 or something better?
  • Sure You Can, Son • Dad is taken back when he his son, Gavin, confesses that the reason he is distant lately is because he finds his dad too good looking. Gavin says, “I can’t be around you, especially when you’re in your running shorts or half naked without … without getting a boner.”

Artists in DBTN 364

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 364 is by Rolando Mérida, Thamados, and Steve Adams.

Handjobs-Anthology 53

Anthology 53 Review Pages

Handjobs-Anthology 53 is here. This anthology includes the stories from the June through October 2014 issues of Handjobs Magazine. With over 300 pages, you’ll find hours of enjoyment inside.

Stories in Handjobs-Anthology 53 are:

  • Kevin and Rob Part 3 by Steven
  • Bless Me, Father by Melodious
  • Bike-a-Thon
  • Inside Job by Christian
  • Stuffing Big Ed
  • Why I Love Rugby by Jack Walden
  • The Towel Boy by Karl Dickinson
  • Afternoon Delight by Hunter
  • Homemade Porn part 2 by Bruno B.
  • Fun Under the Trestle by J. R.
  • Hot Summer Nights by Joseph
  • Charlie Brown by Jon Hold
  • Bless Me, Father by Melodious
  • Goldilocks and the Two Bears by Frankie J.
  • Seduced by My Son by Steven
  • This Is What You Want, Right, Son?
  • My Uncle James by Christian
  • Dad’s Heat by Hot for Dads
  • Clichés by Jack Walden
  • Bawled Out by Joseph
  • Cleaning the Plumber’s Pipe by J. R.
  • That Kind of Boy by Chuck Dixon
  • Morning Surprise by Christopher Bachli
  • Homemade Porn part 3 by Bruno B.
  • Happy Birthday, Buster by Hot for Dads
  • My Uncle, the Nudist by Steven
  • Double Duty Shane by Christian
  • Anything for Alma Mater
  • Wishes Do Come True by Hunter
  • Mr. Porter by Joseph
  • Pogey Bait by Eric Sharpe
  • Kevin and His Friends by Jon Hold
  • My Uncle The Nudist part 2 by Steven
  • Daddy’s Wish by Joseph
  • Trucker Sucker by rmdexter
  • Faux Finch by Christian
  • Red Trunks by Jesse Walker
  • Warehouse Bear by Rufus
  • Morning Surprise by Christopher Bachli
  • Cum-X-Strip • Natural Cure by Bruno B.
  • Nick by Don Ford
  • Mr. McDuggan by Brian Binski
  • My Uncle, the Nudist part 3 by Steven
  • Dad in the Morning by Joseph
  • Kevin and His Friends part 2 by Jon Hold
  • Jamie and His Big Brother by Randy English
  • Fire Hazard by Albert Johnson
  • My New Addiction by Christian
  • Everything Has a Price
  • Morning Surprise by Christopher Bachli
  • The Pumpkin Truck by Louis Banks
  • Cum-X-Strip • Prostate Exam by Bruno B.
  • Two Birds With One Stone

Art in Handjobs-Anthology 53 is by:

Art in this Anthology is by Lord Iron, Bruno B., Choklit Daddy, Christian, Don Ford, Joseph, Michael Mitchell, Player, Roger, Roscoe, and Valentine.

Anthology 53 is $15 and is a download publication. There is no printed version.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 363

DBTN 363 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 363, released October 9, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • My Little Brother’s Keeper • Liam is tickled pink when his younger brother, Dythin, passes the exams for Syth-on-Theeves Technical Institute. Dythin can’t believe he passed. He still has to sit for an interview. He’s all pins and needles about that. But Liam who graduated from Syth-on-Theeves Technical Institute years ago offers to take his little brother on the train to Syth-on-Theeves. What’s an older brother for, but to give encouragement to a nervous little brother?
  • Big Bill the Burger Queen • Big Bill is impressed with eager Gary. For one, he’s a great worker the other employees love. But Gary has a kink too, one that Bill can use to make Gary do anything he wants.
  • What’s a Brother For? • When floods threaten their home, Adam and his parents escape to Uncle Joe’s place, far above the raging river. Thing is, Uncle Joe doesn’t have a big house, so Adam and Uncle Joe need to bunk together. When Uncle Joe takes Adam to his bedroom at night, he says, “I like to take a quick shower before I hit the sack. How about you?”
  • I Did Not See That Coming • English teacher, Mr. Strokewood, sees his son, Jordan chatting with Virgil, Coach Hanson’s son, in the courtyard. It’s clear the two lads are in love. Right away, his mind wanders, and he thinks, if the two sons get married, who walks whom down the aisle? But Mr. Strokewood is in for the surprise of his life, something he doesn’t see coming.
  • Getting Relief • No one suspects that Coach Hanson secretly has a thing for Mr. Strokewood, the English teacher. No one imagines that someone so buff as Coach Hanson would fall for a quiet guy like Mr. Strokewood. But Coach Hanson gets relief when his son, Virgil, hooks up with Mr. Strokewood’s son, Jordan.

Artists in DBTN 363

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 363 is by Shigeru and Steve Adams.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 362

DBTN 362 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 362, released October 2, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during October 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Noise Abatement • Grandpa complains about the racket some neighbor makes at night. He can’t sleep. So Ricky confronts the noisy neighbor. But Ricky’s jaw drops when a nearly naked guy steps out of the house.
  • A Wet Ride Worth Every Dollar • Connell moans, “I’m bored,” while he watches the rain fall. “How about we go for a test drive,” his dad says. Connell likes the sound of that. Dad sells used cars and when he gets a new one, they have to test drive it. You know, to make sure that the back seats are comfortable.
  • Papa Polizei by Madakou • Remco is excited about Oktoberfest. So many hot men who like feeling his butt when he mingles among the raucous crowd. But a jealous twat notifies the police that Remco is up to no good. And Remco is alarmed when the policeman who nabs him is his mother’s boyfriend, Thomas!
  • I Know How to Pick ’Em • Scott goes to the gym for one reason, Bruno. A hunk all the guys drool over. When Bruno sits on his throne in the sauna, all the gym rats, Scott included, beg to be his boy. But Scott is surprised when a little guy, Jeff, sweeps him off his feet. Scott usually goes for the big, daddy types. But there is something about Jeff that makes Scott very happy. Little does he know that Jeff is Bruno’s son.
  • Eight Is a Lucky Number • When Hector steps out of the shower and sees his son watching a news clip about the incompetent mayor, his son says, “You should run for mayor, Dad.” But Hector scoffs, “Yeah, right, and you should suck my dick.” He makes that remark because he knows Javin, his son, has wanted to suck his eight inches for a long time. So Javin has a proposition. “Tell you what, Dad. You run for mayor and I’ll run your campaign.” But Hector knows it will cost him.

Artists in DBTN 362

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 362 is by Madakou, Rolando Mérida, and Michael Mitchell.