Coming February 19 – You’ll Know It When You See It

Coming February 19 - You'll Know It When You See It image of nude beach

Coming February 19 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 382, “You’ll Know It When You See It,” with art by Michael Mitchell.

Boredom numbs Kirby’s mind. He is stuck on an island with Dad and Grandpa Ames in a little cottage in the pines. There is nothing on the island but mile after mile of sandy beach. Worst of all, there is no cell phone service. And Kirby can’t believe that Dad had the audacity to take his cell phone out of his bag and leave it in the car on the mainland!

Dad and Grandpa Ames are content just sitting on the cottage deck and watching the waves roll in. But how can Kirby do that for two blasted weeks? His mind will explode.

“There’s nothing to do,” Kirby whines.

But do Dad or Grandpa care? Grandpa laughs and says, “You sound just like your father when he was your age.”

Kirby scowls at Grandpa Ames.

However Grandpa Ames fills a flask with water, puts it in a day pack, and tells his grandson, “Go and explore the island, Kirby. Have an adventure.”

“What if I get lost?” Kirby says.

“You can’t get lost, Kirby. We’re on an island. If you keep going in one direction, you’ll come back here,” Grandpa says. ”Keep going that way, and you’ll be surprised at what you find.”. His eyes twinkle.

“What will I find?” Kirby says.

Grandpa Ames just shrugs and says, “You’ll know it when you see it.”

So will Kirby know it when he sees it?

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