Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 381

DBTN 381 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 381, released February 12, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in February 2022 include this issue..

Stories in this issue are:

  • What If I Watch You? • Maxen, a detective with the Metro, rides the trains late at night to try and nab a perv. Some punk with a blue ski mask is masturbating in the trains and leaving huge puddles of cum. However, when Maxen discovers who it is, he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want his son to get a criminal record. What can he do?
  • It’s Never Too Late to Get in Shape • Grandpa thinks the world of his grandson, Tucker, a personal trainer at a gym. But, when Tucker tells Grandpa that it’s never too late to get in shape, will Grandpa listen? Maybe discovering that his dick can get a good workout in the steam room will convince Grandpa to pump iron.
  • Want My Energy Drink? • A businessman approaches Tucker with a proposition. “Come over to my place and give my son and me pointers on how to work out.” Usually, Tucker declines these proposals. They’re often just guys wanting to get into his pants. But, something about the businessman convinces him to accept the offer.
  • Whose Underwear Is This? • Bud comes home from college, the first time in many months. But the duffel bag he brings is loaded with laundry. However, Dad doesn’t mind. While Bud takes a long nap, Dad sorts through his son’s dirty laundry. So why is there a pair of Dad’s underwear in with his son’s dirty clothes? And why is it crusty with dried cum?
  • On the Beach in Atlanta? • Dad thinks his older son, Jad, lives in San Diego, and his younger son, Trevor, in Atlanta. But he discovers the boys are lying. They are both living in San Diego. So why are they keeping that a secret?

Artists in DBTN 381

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 381 is by dv dickie and Shigeru.