Coming Saturday July 3 – Eight Days a Week

Coming July 3

Eight Days a Week is coming Saturday July 3. After a day of hard negotiating with clients in Chicago, Petro goes to the hotel gym to relax. He’s had good luck relaxing `in the sauna of that gym before. He always leaves with empty balls. Which is why he always stays in that hotel when he has business in Chicago.

It’s after nine o’clock in the evening. So Petro is surprised to see a dad working out with his son at that hour. From listening in on their conversation, he figures out that the son’s name is Kyle.

”How’s this look, Dad?” the son says while he pushes barbells above his head.

“Looking great, Kyle,” the dad tells his son.

So when the son goes for a run on a treadmill, Petro strikes up a conversation with the dad. “He must really like to work out,” Petro says to the dad.

“Yeah. Kyle’s something else. He’d workout eight days a week,” the dad said.

“Is he in any competitions? He looks to be in amazing shape,” Petro says.

“He’s a pretty good gymnast, but he’s not that competitive. I push him. But you know what they say. A tired dog is a good dog. Well, the same applies to teenage boys. The best way to keep them behaving is to tire them out. So after a hard workout here, all Kyle wants to do is go home and sleep,” the dad says.

Petro’s juices flow watching Kyle workout.

But will Kyle still want to use the sauna after working out so hard? And what about the dad? Petro wants to know. And I bet you do too.

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