Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 348

DBTN 348 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 348, released June 26, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during June 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • A Terrible Father • Dad didn’t want to impose when his son, Ben, offered to let him stay at his apartment. Dad thought about what his apartment looked like when he was 23. If his father had come for a visit, he would have had to spend hours cleaning it and hiding the boxes of panties he knicked when he hooked up. But Ben was nothing like his dad.
  • You Have the Touch • “Hey, buddy, you want me to give you a hand with that?” Rick says when his pal, Trevor, yells, “Ow!” and grabs his back. The two have been pals for a long time. So it’s natural for Rick to want to help his buddy. But as he massages Trevor’s back, he wonders if his buddy would mind if he helped him out all the way. “Ahhh, man, that feels good. You have the touch,” Trevor moans. Well, maybe it’d be OK to loosen Trevor’s pants a bit more and massage his buns.
  • House on Fire • When the neighbor’s house burns at night, Estevo runs outside with his dad to watch the fire fighters put out the blaze. Some of the fire fighters are so hot. However, once the fire is out and Estevo is back up in his bedroom, he can’t believe his eyes when he sees his dad make out with one of the firemen. And he hears Dad say, “Thanks, Janik. I needed that,” when they are done and are giving each other gentle, good-bye kisses. Wood Fireman Janik touch Estevo like that?
  • He Wants Me To See • Mateo works his butt off over the years building his specialty foods delivery service. Cleanliness is everything when you’re handling food. So he is pissed when he sees a kid pissing out in the open in the grass next to his parking lot. But it takes Mateo just a few seconds to realize that the kid wants him to see. The kid has his pants pushed down over his butt. Mateo can see everything.
  • What King of Boy Am I • Danny begs for permission to stay out past curfew. But Dad won’t budge. “My house, my rules,” he says. And he warns Danny that he’ll call Grandpa Zonnobich if he misbehaves. The last thing Danny wants to do is have ex green beret, Commander Son of a Bitch, Grandpa Zonnobich on his case. Or does Grandpa Zonnobich know what kind of boy Danny is?

Artists in DBTN 348

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 348 is by Rolando Mérida, Shigeru, and Narov.