A Couple of Curve Balls is Coming May 20

A Couple of Curve Balls - Dad and Grandpa in the health club

A Couple of Curve Balls is coming May 20 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 447.

Not my house, not my rules, Grandpa tells himself when he stays with his son, Strand, and his grandson, Chasten. Grandpa thinks Strand should ease up on the young man. Perhaps the reason Strand is so stern with his son is all those values he absorbed from that magical underpants teaching Strand absorbed during his college years. Thankfully, Strand didn’t stay with that crowd very long.

Grandpa didn’t plan on staying with his son and grandson for an entire month when he worked on a project nearby. But Strand insisted.

“Dad, you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel for a whole month,” Strand said. “Stay with us.”

The two live in different universes. For example, Grandpa can’t stand to wear anything when he goes swimming. He needs to feel the water flowing freely over every part of his body. Strand wears swim trunks that reach his knees. Grandpa’s skin crawls thinking what that must feel like when the trunks get wet.

But Strand’s company gives him a free membership to an exclusive health club. So at least Grandpa can enjoy that, especially the back of the steam room. The steam is so thick in the back, that men who want to challenge themselves to see if they can stuff all of Grandpa’s ample cock down their throat, can tackle that challenge without anyone seeing them.

So can Grandpa last the month without Strand blowing his top? And what about, grandson, Chasten? What does he think about that slab of meat between Grandpa’s thighs? Doe it challenge him?

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