Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 331

DBTN 331 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 331, released February 27, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during February 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Don’t Be So Stingy, Dad • Uncle Bob knows that his brother, Nathaniel, is getting some. Bob feels his brother’s butt. “Yup. Some guy’s fat cock has been in here recently. I bet if I shoved my finger in there, I might even pull out some fresh cum.” Uncle Bob asks Kevin, Nathaniel’s son, if he knows who the lucky guy is. Kevin knows who the lucky guy is who’s been plowing his dad’s butt. It’s him. But does he dare tell Uncle Bob?
  • What’s a VCR, Grandpa? • Jack is bored with Zoom classes. So he drops in on Grandpa Dirk. He likes visiting his grandfather because the place is full of antiques. But Jack is pleasantly surprised when he sees on Grandpa’s TV a grandpa like dude smacking the bare butt of a naked dude on his lap. “What the hell is this, Grandpa?” Jack says. “I’m watching a VCR tape,” Grandpa Dirk says. VCR? What the hell is that?
  • You Love Your Dad • When Will takes Jeffery, his college buddy, home on school break, Jeffery meets Will’s dad. After spending a week with Will and his dad, Jeffery goes home. But he calls Will later to tell him, “The reason you can’t find a steady boyfriend is because you’re in love with your dad.” So, is Will in love with his dad? Read Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 331 to find out.
  • What Would They Pay For … ? • Stanley is worried Dad won’t have money to buy groceries. Dad’s wedding photography business collapses because of the lockdowns. But Dad doesn’t cut back on groceries at all. So Stanley goes snooping around Dad’s photo studio. He discovers that the old dark room is no more. Instead of shelves of chemicals, tubs of solution, and wires to hang developing photographs, there is a Murphy bed and webcams. Stanley discovers that Dad is making good money beating off for guys online. So he wonders what those guys would pay to watch Dad cum in his butt.
  • You Spy • Continued from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 326. Gavin is disappointed that Grandpa Vick is really not a spy. He’s just a plain old businessman. But when he goes to spend time with Grandpa Vick at his place in Luxembourg, Gavin detects Grandpa Vick doing very unbusinessman like things.

Artists in DBTN 331

Art in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 331 is by Michael Mitchell, Shigeru, and Steve Adams.

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