Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 457

DBTN 457 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 457, released July 29, 2023. Subscriptions purchased in July 2023 include this issue.

  • God is Watching • “Even when you are all alone, God is watching you,” Dean’s grandmother told him all the time. So when he jacks off in his bedroom, he hides underneath the sheets to play with himself. Until Uncle Jerrod comes for a visit and discovers his nephew cocooned underneath his sheets.
  • Closed for Cleaning • Joost can’t stop getting boners when he cleans the hotel’s Men’s Fitness Center. The guys in there stroll about naked with all their equipment jostling about. He sees some barely hiding erections in the sauna. And in the steam room? When he closes it for cleaning he has to wait for anyone using it to leave first. And if they don’t leave? What then?
  • Good Guys Don’t Do That • When Carlos shows a temper, Dad tells older brother, Julio, “Some times boys act up when they aren’t draining their nuts. Sometimes an older brother has to step in and show his little brother how to do that. Remember how much better you felt when I taught you how to take care of your nuts?”
  • Rectal is Better • Doctor Phil enjoys pranking his younger brother, Seth. And his latest prank, convincing Seth that he can use his finger as a rectal thermometer, is his best prank ever.
  • Trust Is Earned, Son • Detective Dad tells his son, Sawyer, “Trust is earned, not given.” But when Sawyer discovers an AirTag Dad hid in his backpack to track his whereabouts, Sawyer decides it is time Dad earn his trust.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 457 is by Lord Iron, Michael Mitchell, and Shigeru.