Handjobs Anthology 2 review pages

You’ll find the 1992 stories of Handjobs Magazine in Handjobs Anthology volume 2, including Firehose.

Readers ask us, “Which is the best Handjobs Anthology?” It’s like asking a parent, which is your favorite child? It’s an impossible question to answer. Read them all and decide for yourself which Handjobs Anthology is best.

In Firehose, the firemen give the new recruit an easy first day on the job. They think the fresh kid will work out, but they won’t know for sure until he goes through their initiation rites. So they are all nervous.

In the evening, after supper, the firemen show the new kid their training room. It has mirrors on three sides and the firemen like to strip down to shorts or jockstraps so they can watch their muscles flex while they work out.

The new kid goes right along. He enjoys showing off his bulge as much as the others.

Hanjobs Anthology 2 page 12

And when the firemen get all pumped up showing the new kid their moves, bulges grow bigger and bigger.

So can the new kid take it when the firemen pounce on him, strip him naked, and initiate him? And how does the new, young recruit get the nickname Firehose? You’ll have to read the tale to find out.

Take your dick out and make it happy by reading Firehose in Handjobs Anthology volume 2, and the many other stories in this, possibly your favorite, Handjobs Anthology.