Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 480

DBTN 480 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 480, released January 6, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in January 2024 include this issue.

  • How Does My Son Cram It In? • Dad isn’t surprised when his mid 30s son brings a man home as his special someone. What surprises Dad is how young the special guy is. And what a cute butt he has. What Dad can’t figure out is how his hung son crams his cock in that little butt.
  • Doctor, Do You Make House Calls? • When the son of one of his older patients asks Dr. James, “Do You Make House Calls?” the doctor thinks he could make an exception.
  • The Right Time Will Come • The neighborhood rule is that Christmas decorations come down by New Years. But lazy Bill doesn’t care. And he’s right. When his son comes home, the right time comes along.
  • Fuck and Suck Socks • Grandson Ty always gives Grandpa colorful, playful socks. But the Winnie the Pooh socks cross the line. Grandpa doesn’t know it but on the back of the socks, Winnie the Pooh is not being nice. And when Grandpa finds out, he has to show his grandson that bad behavior has consequences.
  • I Bet You Taste Good Too • Alister likes working in the office. Most of the time he is alone. So he gets to spy the men drifting in and out of the john in the park below the office windows.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 480 is by Michael Mitchell, Master Bates, and Narov.