Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 481

DBTN 481 Review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 481, released January 13, 2024. Subscriptions purchased in January 2024 include this issue.

  • Thirsty, Hungry Son • When the hotel where his potential investor will stay catches on fire, Dad offers to let the investor spend the night with him. There’s just one little problem, Dad’s cum thirsty, dick hungry son. Will that become a problem?
  • Pa’s New Year’s Resolution • Every New Year Pa resolves to get in shape. And when he says, “We’re going to get in shape,” it means that his twin sons have to join the gym too. But the twins don’t mind when they learn the guys only gym lets members work out naked.
  • Depends How You Ask • Trigonometry teacher Mr. Harrow can’t read Dustin’s mind. The burly athlete sees him after class to ask a question. He wants Mr. Harrow’s permission to date his son, Joonho, a slender, fragile son in love with K-pop stars. And Dustin assures Mr. Harrow that he’ll be gentle with Joonho. But if he has any doubts, he can prove to Mr. Harrow how gentle he is.
  • That Works for Me • When Dremo has co-worker Andreas over to enjoy his pool, he doesn’t tell Andreas that the pool boy is his son. So when Andreas tells Dremo that he could fuck the pool boy’s tight ass, Dremo plays along.
  • You’ve Got to Behave, Junior • Trucker Bart enjoys his driving buddy, Karth. But their upbringings are totally different. Bart was raised to be modest and behave. Karth is the total opposite.

Artists in this issue are:

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 481 is by Shigeru and Master Bates.