Figuring It Out is coming March 25

Tadhg helps Finn figure things out.

Figuring It Out is coming March 25, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 439.

You would think that by the time a guy gets to 50, that he would have it all figured out. That he’d be able to just coast the rest of his life. But Tadhg still finds there are pieces missing.

But one thing Tadhg has figured out is the wisdom of saying nothing. Very few say to his face, “You know what I think of that, Tadhg?“ Because Tadhg rarely says a thing.

And if they tell Tadhg what they think of what he’s said, Tadhg says to himself, “The thing is, I don’t care what you think of what I said.”

It’s not that Tadhg doesn’t like people. He just wishes people knew that they’d impress him more by smiling and not saying anything. Oh, and if men place their hands on the mounds between their legs, that makes Tadhg smile, a lot.

Tadhg and his best friend, Donal, get along well. Ever since they discovered as boys how much fun it can be for two guys to get naked and play, they haven’t stopped being best friends. Even though Donal married and has children, the two still get together to enjoy each other.

So when Tadhg looks out his window on a very foggy day and sees Donal’s son, Finn, heading towards his house, Tadhg gets a sense that Donal has sent Finn over so the lad can figure things out.

Does Tadhg help the lad figure things out? Read Figuring It Out in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 439, coming March 25, 2023, to find out.

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