Madakou Volume 2


Madakou vol 2 is our second collection of Madakou’s comics. This collection contains Madakou’s comics from the 2021 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters, plus new art.

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Makadou vol 2 review pages

Madakou volume 2 is our second collection of Madakou comics. We’re elated to publish this second collection of his comics. This collection contains all the comics he created for our 2021 issues of Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletters.

The comics in this collection are:

  • Little Lion • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 323 and 328. Coach worries about Yat-sen, one of the Lion Dance performers. Yat-sen bruised his ankle. So Sifu won’t let him perform the Lion Dance. But Coach figures out how the two can dance an incredible Lion Dance together.
  • Like It Rough • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 332, 336, and 340. Stas loves performing in drag for his internet fans. But when Dad finds out, all hell breaks out.
  • Warriors of Ku • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 345 and 349. Loe is excited. He’s old enough to join the warriors to get the blessing of Ku. They travel to a small, sacred island. The tribe considers sex between men taboo. But on the sacred island, the taboo is waved so the young men can vie for Ku’s blessing.
  • Switching Up • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 354 and 358.Twins, John and Jameson take their sons to the cabin. Little do they realize that their sons are screwing their uncles. When the twins discover that, they secretly switch during the night. Their sons think they are in bed with their uncle, but they are not.
  • Papa Polizei • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 362. Remco parties too hard at Oktoberfest. He’s shocked when his mother’s boyfriend, Thomas, a policeman rescues him.
  • Merry Fucking Christmas • from Dad’s Bedtime Tales 367 and 372. Beau finds himself all alone at Christmas. But so is the hot neighbor next door, Frank. A divorced man, Frank has no one to spend Christmas with. Until Beau acts.

It’s been a joy putting together another collection of Madakou comics from Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter. You’ll find more of his work on his Patreon page:

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