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Valentine Book Cover

We added three Valentine books to our online shop. We have printed and download versions of these three books.

Thar He Blows has three stories of adventures on the high seas. In Abducted, naked French pirates commandeer an English man-o-war. It takes little time for the French pirates strip their captives naked too. In Boy Overboard, rich, spoiled lad, Harvey, learns life lessons from the naked fishermen who fish him out of the ocean. And in Leif the Viking Boy, Leif finally gets to go to sea with his father. He can’t wait to become a man.

Another Valentine book, The Spy Who Came Out, tells the spy adventure tale of Grant and his father. Grant goes with his father to postwar Berlin. The city is in shambles. But that doesn’t stop Grant. He finds plenty of action with his scout troop. Grant delights English troops and German contacts. But he gets into trouble cavorting with Soviet soldiers. Especially when they capture him when they mistake him for his father who is a spy.

And Shadrack, is an epic tale of a nephew, Shadrack, and his uncle, Zebediah, who go out West in search of gold. Shadrack isn’t sure Zebediah is serious when he talks about going to California to find gold. Unk Zeb says some outlandish things. For example, he claims his cock is a foot long. It weren’t hardly ten inches. Unk Zeb claims he can come nine times in a night. But Shadrack has only seen him cum five times. Unk Zeb also boasts that he’s fucked every hole in town. Well, Shadrack knows that’s not true. So Shadrack hardly believes they are going when they head out of town to lands unknown.

We have printed copies of all three books. Sadly, we can only ship printed books to addresses in the USA. If you have a mailing address in the USA, you can order the books here: printed versions of Thar He Blows, The Spy Who Comes Out, and Shadrack.

You can order the download versions here: Thar He Blows Download, The Spy Who Comes Out Download, Shadrack Download.