You Rang, Sir?

Handjobs Anthology 52 review pages

Handjobs Anthology volume 52 contains the stories from our January through May 2014 issues of Handjobs Magazine. And among them is You Rang, Sir?

Have you ever arrived at a hotel, tired and sore, and in desperate need of a full body massage? Maybe even a thorough, deep, mind blowing fuck?

In You Rang Sir? Mr. Ramos checks into the Gold Palm in Miami. He has a great fuck-buddy, Mario, who has a nice, fat cock. But Mario is in New York. Not nearby.

But when he calls Mario and moans, “I sure could use your fat cock up my hole,” Mario laughs and asks Mr. Ramos where he is.

“Miami. I’m in fucking Miami!,” Mr. Ramos moans.

“Where are you staying?” Mario asks.

“The Gold Palm,” Mr. Ramos says.

Well, Mario might not be close by to give his buddy the fuck he needs, but he knows who can.

Handjobs Anthology 52 - page 219, You Rang, Sir?

“Hmm, I may be able to help,” Mario says. “Call the concierge and ask him to send Jaime up with pink champagne.”

So can Jaime deliver pink champagne and a cock as big and fat as Mario’s? Will Mr. Ramos get the fuck he needs? Get Handjobs Anthology volume 52 and find out!