Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 346

DBTN 346 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 346, released June 12, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during June 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Job Skills • Blake’s dad, mother, even his uncle Dirk, pressure Blake to get a summer job. And he shocks them when he tells them at supper, “You can stop with the lectures, Dad. I got a job.” His sister yells, “You’re lying.” But Blake is not lying. He’s working at Dreamland, a nearby movie house. Blake thinks his janitorial job at Dreamland is boring, until he discovers that the small, basement restroom is a great place for horny guys like him.
  • Honing My Job Skills • Blake devotes all his effort to his job at Dreamland. He is responsible for making sure the restrooms are clean, so he has to visit all of them at least once an hour. However, he visits the active one in the basement more often to hone his job skills. Until one day, his dad shows up to help him hone his skills.
  • Yes, Sir! No, Sir!, No Excuse Sir! • Scott’s friend, Toby, has a tough dad. When Toby’s dad asks a question, the only answers Toby is allowed to give are, “Yes, Sir! No, Sir!, or No Excuse Sir!” Toby’s dad makes Scott drool. He sneaks over to Toby’s place when Toby isn’t home just to be one-on-one with his dad. But, Toby’s dad ignores him. However, Scott’s own dad has been working out. When Scott sees him undress for a shower, he wants to drop to his knees and shout, “Yes, Sir! No, Sir!, or No Excuse Sir!”
  • My Son’s Boxer Briefs • continued from DBTN 343 and 344 Jonas has his reservations when Grant suggests the two of them wear nothing but aprons when they make supper for their sons, Clancey and Slade. But Grant assures Jonas, “Like I said, Clancey and Slade find me making super like this all the time. Our sons are crazy horndogs. I’m sure you know that. They like a little butt poke before supper.”
  • Luckiest Son in the World • Johan enjoys living up in the mountains with Tobias. Thankfully, his dad comes by often enough with supplies so they don’t have to go into town. Johan does not like people in town asking him when he is going to put a ring on a lucky girl’s finger. He’s already got a ring on his finger and a matching one on Tobias’s. However, just because you live far from others up in the mountains doesn’t mean life is boring.

Artists in DBTN 346

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 346 is by Steve Adams, Master Bates, and Shigeru.

Coming Saturday June 12 – Yes, Sir! No, Sir! No, Excuse Sir!

Coming Saturday June 12

Yes, Sir! No, Sir! No Excuse, Sir! is coming Saturday June 12. Scott thinks Toby is joking when he tells him that the only answers his dad accepts are, “Yes, Sir!” or “No, Sir!” or “No Excuse, Sir!”

But when Scott goes to Toby’s house and sees his dad, he knows Toby is telling the truth. If he had a dad like Toby’s, all Scott would say when Dad asked him a question are, “Yes, Sir!” or “No, Sir!” or “No Excuse, Sir!”

Scott makes up excuses to go to Toby’s house even when Toby is not home, just so he can be alone with Toby’s dad.

But Toby’s dad just ignores Scott.

However, Scott’s dad has been working out while Scott has been preoccupied with getting close to Toby’s dad. Until now, Scott’s dad has never made Scott look twice when he walks around after a shower with next to nothing on. He’s seen that dad bod a million times.

But Scott is taken back when Dad gets ready to take a shower. When did Dad get so hot? Scott thinks.

Scott is in his pajama bottoms, sitting on the couch, and watching TV when Dad says, “Well, I think I’ll go shower.” However, he doesn’t walk off right away. He drops his sweatpants on the floor. He pulls off his jockstrap and lets them fall onto the sweatpants.

Scott comes unglued. He makes a tent in his pajama bottoms. He even makes a wet spot in them before Dad turns away and heads for the shower.

So does Scott get to say, “Yes, Sir! No, Sir! No Excuse, Sir!” to his dad?

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Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 345

DBTN 345 review pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 345, released June 5, 2021. This issue is included with new subscriptions purchased during June 2021.

Stories in this issue are:

  • Uncle Hank Rescues Me • When Uncle Hank hears that Danny is going to sleep in the same hotel room as his parents, Hank yells, “Like hell you are. Go grab your bag, boy. You are not staying here.” There is no way Uncle Hank is going to make Danny suffer. Not when there is so much fun to be had.
  • Beach Balls • Zack can’t believe it when Dad tells him that there is a beach nearby where you don’t have to wear clothes. They go to the beaches all the time. Zack’s never heard of this beach. But Dad isn’t lying. They bicycle south of town, cross the river, pedal down the dike, and down onto a sandy beach Zack has never seen. He’s never seen naked men on a beach other. So his reaction to seeing naked guys frolicking in the surf is intense.
  • Warriors of the Ku • by Madakou • Loe is finally a man. At long last he can join the other strong men of the tribe and paddle to the sacred island for the annual ritual. But can he be honored by Ku the way his father was years ago? Loe has worked hard to prove he is strong enough.
  • Out of the Loop • Neal represses his sexual urges all through high school and college. He has no idea of the pressure he is creating in himself. Until one day, while doing research for his dissertation, he reaches for a manuscript in the library and an older man with a warm smile reaches for the manuscript at the same time. Their hands touch. Their eyes lock. “Where have you been hiding?” the older man says. Neal can’t say no when the man kisses him.
  • Rod Run • Mark married Jacob for his cock. Pure and simple. And when they move to the woods outside of Pigeon Forge, they settle in to a happy life together. Except for when the car show, Rod Run, happens. Mark’s car fanatic dad and uncle take over their country home. Can Mark share his husband’s cock?

Artists in DBTN 345

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 345 is by Madakou, Michael Mitchell, and Steve Adams.

Coming Saturday June 5 – Warriors of Ku

Warriors of Ku – by Madakou is coming Saturday June 5. Leo is now a man. For the first time he can join the brave warriors on their annual pilgrimage to the sacred island. A new recruit, Leo will compete with the other young men to receive Ku’s blessing.

Leo knows what is at stake. He longs to be recognized as an honored warrior like his father. Leo has trained hard to become strong enough to be a recruit.

When his father was a recruit many years ago, he became the chosen one. Looking at the other recruits as they sail to the sacred island, Leo is confident. He is stronger than any of them.

Nothing would make Leo happier than to be recognized as a Warrior of Ku.

Sex between men is taboo in the tribe. However, once the warriors and the new recruits are on the sacred island, Leo and the other recruits loose their inhibitions when they see the taboo being broken by the warriors.

The preparations to meet Ku reach a feverish pitch. The recruits know that the chosen one will get to ride the chief’s horse cock. To prepare for the honor of this privilege, they push butthole stretchers into their butts.

The fateful ceremony begins. The recruits chant and dance. Chief Kakaea arrives. The recruits bow down and lift their butts up into the air.

Leo is consumed with rage and jealousy when he thinks Chief Kakaea is about to pick another recruit. But, wait, Chief Kakaea addresses him.

So can Leo become a Warrior of Ku? Will Ku choose him?

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Coming Saturday June 5 – Beach Balls

Dad and Zack on a nude beach

Coming Saturday June 5. Zack can’t believe it when Dad tells him that there is a beach nearby where you don’t need to wear any clothes.

“Even here in Three Palms?” Zack says.

When Dad nods, Zack says, “You’re kidding. How come I’ve never heard of them?”

“Maybe it’s because you spend too much time with your face looking into your phone,” Dad says.

Zack glares at Dad, taps his foot, and says, “Prove it.”

The two go to nearby beaches all the time. So their bicycles are always packed and ready. This time, instead of going north to their favorite beaches, Dad takes Zack south. After crossing the river, they turn onto the dike until they come to a sign on a path that says, “Clothing optional beyond this point.”

Zack is on pins and needles as they roll their bicycles off the dike and onto the unfamiliar beach. It isn’t long before they see two naked guys splashing and chasing each other in the surf.

After chaining their bicycles to some palm trees, Dad casually removes his clothes. Zack isn’t ready to strip naked. But he sure is excited. Anyone can see that. He’s so excited and showing so much that he might as well doff his swimsuit. It’s not hiding much.

But can Dad get Zack to feel comfortable without any clothes on?

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