Cockerville High – Saturday Surprise from Handjobs Anthology 8

From Cockerville High – Saturday Surprise in Handjobs Anthology 8:

The awesome school party was several months ago. But Tom still gets excited each time he thinks about it. He can’t forget sucking janitor Ned’s thick cock in a dark, empty classroom.

Tom is busy with homework these days, but every time he sees Ned in the hallway, the man always has a friendly smile and a wink.

Saturday morning, Tom’s stepdad, Roy, has to run some errands, leaving Tom all alone. Sad that he can‘t spend Saturday with Roy. He’s the best father a boy could have. And Tom enjoys spending time with him.

Bored, Tom goes for a walk and ends up in the Cockerville High school yard. Usually the school doors are locked. But that morning they aren’t, so Tom sneaks into the school. Without any teachers or students around it is eerily quiet.

Tom walks past Ned’s office. Just reading the sign, “Janitor’s Office”, makes Tom’s heart pound.

Ned the janitor with the fat cock is inside. But he’s not alone. Who is in there with Ned? Is it someone Tom’s knows?

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