Fish Story by Jack Walden From the Handjobs Magazine 2008 August Issue

From Fish Story in Handjobs Magazine August 2008 Issue:

Jacob didn’t waste any time. He dropped his first clue as soon as we reached our “top secret” trout stream. The place was hidden in a valley so bursting with springtime that when I got out of the SUV, I just stood there. My senses were overwhelmed by the sunlight flickering through the trees, the water burbling over the rocks and the breeze heavy with the smell of pine. After a minute, Jacob came around from his side of the car followed by Deputy. As he picked his way down to the edge of the stream, I was so under Nature’s spell that it didn’t immediately register that he had stripped off all his clothes. It seemed perfectly natural that he was as au natural as his dog. For a moment.


“What?” he said, spreading his legs and bending over to stick his fingers into the water, his pale buttocks jutting back at me in the sunlight.

“Brrrr,” he said and flicked the water off his fingertips. “You’re naked!” I said.
“But – I don’t – it’s not ….”

“What’s the matter, Pawpaw?” He came back up the bank and stood with his hands on his hips, like it was the most normal thing in the world to be full frontal in front of his grandfather. Though I was trying hard not to look (sort of), I was glad to see that at least his genitals took after mine and his dad’s. “You ain’t seen a naked dude in a while, huh?”

What, did he think us geezers had no sex life at all? I decided to make a joke of it. “I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to see you in all your glory.”

“Yep,” he grinned, “here I am!”
Scratching his balls and making his cock bounce (definitely my

side of the family), he waved his free hand at me. “So, how about it? Gonna join me?”

“Oh, well, I don’t usually fish –”
“Dad and I always get nekkid when we’re alone.”
“… Really?”
“Every time.” He tilted his head and his grin took on a sly cast.

“You’re not chicken, are you, Pawpaw?”