Cockerville High – Saturday Surprise from Handjobs Anthology 8

From Cockerville High – Saturday Surprise in Handjobs Anthology 8:

The awesome school party was several months ago. But Tom still gets excited each time he thinks about it. He can’t forget sucking janitor Ned’s thick cock in a dark, empty classroom.

Tom is busy with homework these days, but every time he sees Ned in the hallway, the man always has a friendly smile and a wink.

Saturday morning, Tom’s stepdad, Roy, has to run some errands, leaving Tom all alone. Sad that he can‘t spend Saturday with Roy. He’s the best father a boy could have. And Tom enjoys spending time with him.

Bored, Tom goes for a walk and ends up in the Cockerville High school yard. Usually the school doors are locked. But that morning they aren’t, so Tom sneaks into the school. Without any teachers or students around it is eerily quiet.

Tom walks past Ned’s office. Just reading the sign, “Janitor’s Office”, makes Tom’s heart pound.

Ned the janitor with the fat cock is inside. But he’s not alone. Who is in there with Ned? Is it someone Tom’s knows?

Read all about it in Handjobs Anthology 8.

Fish Story by Jack Walden From the Handjobs Magazine 2008 August Issue

From Fish Story in Handjobs Magazine August 2008 Issue:

Jacob didn’t waste any time. He dropped his first clue as soon as we reached our “top secret” trout stream. The place was hidden in a valley so bursting with springtime that when I got out of the SUV, I just stood there. My senses were overwhelmed by the sunlight flickering through the trees, the water burbling over the rocks and the breeze heavy with the smell of pine. After a minute, Jacob came around from his side of the car followed by Deputy. As he picked his way down to the edge of the stream, I was so under Nature’s spell that it didn’t immediately register that he had stripped off all his clothes. It seemed perfectly natural that he was as au natural as his dog. For a moment.


“What?” he said, spreading his legs and bending over to stick his fingers into the water, his pale buttocks jutting back at me in the sunlight.

“Brrrr,” he said and flicked the water off his fingertips. “You’re naked!” I said.
“But – I don’t – it’s not ….”

“What’s the matter, Pawpaw?” He came back up the bank and stood with his hands on his hips, like it was the most normal thing in the world to be full frontal in front of his grandfather. Though I was trying hard not to look (sort of), I was glad to see that at least his genitals took after mine and his dad’s. “You ain’t seen a naked dude in a while, huh?”

What, did he think us geezers had no sex life at all? I decided to make a joke of it. “I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to see you in all your glory.”

“Yep,” he grinned, “here I am!”
Scratching his balls and making his cock bounce (definitely my

side of the family), he waved his free hand at me. “So, how about it? Gonna join me?”

“Oh, well, I don’t usually fish –”
“Dad and I always get nekkid when we’re alone.”
“… Really?”
“Every time.” He tilted his head and his grin took on a sly cast.

“You’re not chicken, are you, Pawpaw?”

Boy Dreams From Anthology 7

A great story in Handjobs Anthology 7 is Boy Dreams.

Peter rushes home because his parents are leaving on a long trip. So Peter has to stay with Grandpa Will who lives out in the country. It’s a long drive to Grandpa Will’s place. They don’t arrive until late that night. Peter is half asleep. He barely remembers anything.

But in the morning when he wakes up, he finds himself in bed next to Grandpa Will. He has his back against Grandpa’s stomach and Grandpa has his arms around Will. Grandpa is still sleeping and it feels good lying next to him.

Will can see out the window. He sees fruit trees, Grandpa’s garden, green meadows, and beautiful mountains surrounding the valley. Very carefully, Peter slides out of bed. To his surprise, he realizes he is completely naked. Peter always wears a nightshirt at home and the feeling of being naked feels strangely refreshing.

Quietly, Peter tiptoes out of the bedroom. It has been a long time since his last visit to Grandpa’s house. The sights and smells of the place bring back many pleasant memories. After exploring the house and stepping outside to look at the countryside, Peter goes back into the bedroom. Grandpa is still asleep, but now he is on his back. The bed sheet lies loosely over him, exposing his upper chest. Peter can tell Grandpa is naked, too, and the sight of his large, naked chest makes Peter’s back tingly.

There are many other great stories to read in Handjobs Anthology 7, which contains the stories printed in Handjobs Magazine from January through June 1995.

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 376

DBTN 376 Review Pages

Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 376, released January 8, 2022. Subscriptions purchased in January 2022 include this issue..

Stories in this issue are:

  • Bator Boy, Bator Dad • When Dad moves the family to a new house, he makes sure that son Breq’s bedroom is on the other side of the house from theirs. In the old house, bator boy Breq’s constant thumping often woke Dad up during the night. But Dad discovers that he misses hearing that soft, thump, thump, thump coming from his son’s bedroom.
  • Into the Doctor’s Palm • Harris knows that at Uncle Brad’s party, guys will get naked and have all kinds of fun. But Uncle Brad won’t let Harris come to his party. He just has Harris help him get ready for the party. But once the guys arrive, including a hot Doctor James, Harris has to scoot. However, the morning after Uncle Brad’s party, Harris sneaks into Uncle Brad’s place and discovers that Doctor James stayed over after the party and he is all alone.
  • You, Me, the Blade, and the Ice by Madakou • Filip misses a jump while practicing for the nationals. Coach Dawid says, “Filip, what is happening to you?” Filip says, “I am sorry, Coach. I don’t know.” But Coach Dawid knows that Filip is nervous. He needs to calm his golden boy. But how?
  • Uncle Phil, Need Your Prostate Checked? • Phil sees the nearly empty plane and hopes for a quiet flight. He needs one. But once the plane is at cruising altitude, Phil discovers that his nephew, Kenny, is one of the passengers. Kenny with the big one who enjoys teasing his uncle. And what better way to tease Uncle Phil than to whip out his big one in mid flight and show it off to Uncle Phil?
  • A Coach’s Duty is Never Done • continued from issue 374, Xander’s best friend, Chum, talks Coach Feeler into helping Xander pack up for his move. But when Chum and Coach Feeler arrive at Xander’s house, they discover most everything is packed. And Xander and his dad are in the bedroom enjoying a final, butt-filling memory.

Artists in DBTN 376

Art in Dad’s Bedtime-Tales Newsletter 376 is by Madakou and Shigeru.

You, Me, the Blade, and the Ice

You, Me, the Blade, and the Ice by Madakou arrives January 8 in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 376.

It’s the last practice before The Nationals. Filip is nervous. He misses jumps he did easily a few days ago. Coach is concerned. Filip is his golden boy. His best skater. His best boy on the ice.

What is wrong with me? Filip wonders. Is it nerves? Is it something else? He doubts himself. Maybe he isn’t ready for the competition.

“I know how to calm you down and prepare you for the competition,” Coach says.

So when Coach invites Filip to his place for a one-on-one practice, Filip jumps at the chance. He can’t let such an opportunity slip by. A training session all alone with his fabulous coach, the man he adores and secretly loves.

However when he walks into Coach’s private rink, Filip is stunned. Coach is there on the ice wearing nothing but his skates! His big man tool dangles between his legs. All Filip can do is stare at his Coach on the ice.

Coach smirks and says, “Well..? Are we going to practice or are you Going to just stare at me all night…? Lose the clothes and join me, Filip.”

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