Fair Warning, Son

Fair Warning, Son arrives December 4, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 371.

Dad pulls Brent aside to warn him. “So when everyone comes for the funeral, Uncle Joe will be staying with you in your bedroom,” Dad says. “And fair warning, son, Uncle Joe is kinda,” Dad says, and he holds out his hand flat and jiggles it.

Brent mimicks Dad and says, “What does this mean?”

“He’s light on his heels,” Dad says.

Brent grins inside. Dad won’t come out and say that his brother like guys. That’s just like Dad. Beating around the bush. Like the time when he tried to tell Brent the importance of keeping his glans clean. Brent kept playing dumb until Dad was forced to show his son what he meant.

Dad had to pull out his dick and give Brent a detailed demonstration of how to slide your foreskin down and make sure to clean the underside of your rim.

Brent sure loved that live demonstration. Sure, it was embarrassing as hell for Dad. But so what? It sure was a lot of fun.

So what about Uncle Joe? He isn’t inhibited like Dad. Dad is setting up an air mattress in Brent’s room so they won’t have to share Brent’s bed. But what’s the fun in that?

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