Filling My Void

Filling My Void illustration

Filling My Void arrives Saturday, October 23, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 365. Peter comes home after an early morning walk. He hears his visiting son, Spencer, and boyfriend, Sajith, going at it in Spencer’s old bedroom. Peter doesn’t mind. Back in the day, he and Jane made lots of noise themselves. So much so, that when he stayed at her parents’ place, he had to drive her out into the country and do it in the car. Jane was such a screamer that Peter didn’t dare get it on with her in the house.

But Spencer sees what the time is and has to leave before he and Sajith finish. Spencer promised the old rowing team crew that he’d go rowing with them.

So Peter is alone with his son’s boyfriend, Sajith, for much of the day. Even though Spencer and Sajith have been dating for a long time and live together, Peter’s never spent much one-on-one time with Sajith.

Over breakfast, Peter and Sajith share boyhood stories, likes and dislikes, and ramble on about immediate family, relatives, and distant ancestors. After mentioning married family members who had affairs, Sajith says, “Is that a thing, Peter, for married men to have affairs?”

Peter opens up about a close friend, Cliff. The two men get together occasionally and fill each other’s voids.

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