I Think You Mean to Say …

I Think You Mean to Say… arrives October 30, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 366. Duff groans when his wife suggests they get couples counseling. “Can’t you see we need help?” she says. But what a loaded question. So Duff doesn’t dare answer it.

The therapist she hires, Dr. Kizing, counsels couples in their own homes. According to his brochure, seeing his clients in their home settings is the best way for him to understand their needs. It certainly is a way for him to avoid paying for office space. Since clients provide the space, does that mean his rates are lower? Nope. He charges the same as any other therapist.

However when Dr. Kizing shows up, Duff questions how such a young man, probably not even married, thanks he can offer an older married couple any advice.

There’s something about the therapist that reminds Duff of someone. But he can’t put a finger on who it is. However, during their session, Dr. Kizing crosses his leg in a way that reveals his package. Duff hopes his wife doesn’t recognize the impressive bulge. And it hits Duff who the therapist is.

Duff saw him in the sauna at the gym he and his son, Darren, use. Duff usually goes to the gym early in the afternoon. And Darren in the evening. But one evening, Duff goes to the gym late. And he spots that Dr. Kizing in the sauna with a young guy’s face impaled on his cock. Duff’s son, Darren’s face! That’s who was nursing on the therapist’s thick meat.

So now that Duff knows that their marriage counselor enjoys stuffing the throats of other men, will he tell his wife their son sucked the therapist off?

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