You’re Gonna Love Him

You’re Gonna Love Him arrives November 27, in Dad’s Bedtime Tales Newsletter 370.

Chris detects a new scent on Bruno’s pillows. It’s not Bruno’s scent. So Chris knows Bruno had another man in his bed recently. Best friends, Chris and Bruno hookup all the time. They also like talking about the other guy’s they play with. So Chris is eager to find out about this new man Bruno is seeing.

“You had another man in this bed recently,” Chris says.

“He’s a bit older than the guys I usually go for,” Bruno says with a laugh.

“Oh, a daddy type?” Chris says.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. He was so romantic. Insisted on taking me to this fancy restaurant,” Bruno says “And then we came here and we was so sweet.”

“Was he a good kisser?” Chris says.

“The best,” Bruno says.

“Nice cock?” Chris says.

“Really nice, and he knew how to use it too. Made me cum three times,” Bruno says. So he shows Chris a photo of the hot daddy. Chris keeps his cool when he sees a photo of his own father. And when Bruno suggests the three of them have a three way, Chris agrees, but tells Bruno not to show the older guy a picture of him.

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